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If you're reading this, you're reading the README.

To do

  • Base
    • Specify role with DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE, e.g.
    • Move manual setup to Python script (or better, to Docker!)
    • Move app templates to base templates directory
    • Send error emails
  • WineApp
    • Add tests for logged-in user wine recommendations
    • Add more wines, populate metadata with the usual junk
    • Serve uploaded wine images with S3/CloudFront
    • Add 'blog archive' thing for older Shouts & Murmurs posts
    • Shrink larger images, use one-column layout for xs viewports

Local setup

  1. Initialize virtualenv
    • python3 -m virtualenv .venv
  2. Activate venv
    • . .venv/bin/activate
  3. Install Python requirements
    • pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  4. Install apt requirements
    • xargs -a apt-requirements.txt sudo apt-get install
  5. Create Postgres user and database
    1. sudo -u postgres psql
    2. CREATE USER djangalex WITH PASSWORD 'hunter2'; (replace hunter2 if you dare)
    3. CREATE DATABASE djangalex OWNER djangalex;
    4. \q
  6. Add secrets to env vars
    • (this is another good candidate for moving to Docker, or at least .bashrc)
    • export DATABASE_URL=postgres://djangalex:hunter2@localhost:5432/djangalex
    • export SECRET_KEY=hunter2 (or a somewhat more secure password, for you Krebs readers out there)
    • export DEBUG=True
    • export AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME=foo
    • export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=bar
    • export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=baz
    • export DJANGO_SECRET_KEY=baz
  7. Run initial database migration
    • ./ migrate
  8. Create superuser
    • ./ createsuperuser
  9. Run server!
    • ./ runserver
    • Site should be accessible at localhost:8000/


  1. Install Heroku CLI
    • sudo snap install --classic heroku
  2. Set Heroku env vars, if necessary
    • Can be done from Heroku GUI or heroku config:set FOO=bar
  3. Do the jawn!
    • git push heroku master


Personal site on a Heroku/Django stack. To be continued!






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