Documentation for users of all DreamHost Cloud products (DreamCompute, DreamObjects, etc). Aimed at developers who wish to learn how to use DreamHost Cloud standard APIs (based on OpenStack) to automate common tasks.
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Documentation for users of all DreamCloud products (DreamCompute, DreamObjects, etc). Aimed at developers who wish to learn how to use DreamCloud standard APIs to automate common tasks.

The documentation is organized by product and level of knowledge required to understand the documentation, stored in the source/ directory in sphinx formatted files. The source/ dir contains subdirs, one for each of DreamCloud products and subdirs to group articles based on depth of knowledge required by readers:

  • dreamcompute
    • gettingstarted
    • tutorials
    • api-docs
  • dreamobjects
    • gettingstarted
    • tutorials
    • api-docs

note: some of the directories above are empty and the content you see in the Knowledge Base comes from other sources, like upstream OpenStack docs forked by DreamHost and published automatically.

Building the Documentation

run tox in the repo to build the documentation, the build directories are in build/html/$category/$section/$article. For example, the dreamcompute tutorials documentation will be built to "build/html/dreamcompute/tutorials/"

How to contribute

Fork the repository, modify or add articles, run tox for basic syntax checks and verify the built html locally before committing. Once you're satisfied with the local results, create a pull request.

Gotchas of contributing

If you change a title of an article, you must first change it in the Knowledge Base, this is because the publishing script compares articles by title and it will create a new article with the new title if you dont change the article title in the Knowledge Base.

Publishing to DreamHost Knowledge Base

The built html files are automatically published via Jenkins job to (DreamHost Knowledge Base)[] once merged to master.

Hacks we have to make things pretty

  • If you create a TOC with labels using :ref: to refer to them, insert the TOC in '.. container:: table_of_content' and the Headers associated with each item in the TOC will remain at the top of the screen as you scroll past them


Check the styleguide.rst for style requirements