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Parenscript X

A simple tool for aiding with creating React UIs in parenscript

Hello World (:use parenscript parenscriptx cl-who):

(with-html-output-to-string (stream nil :prologue "<!DOCTYPE html>")
    (:title "Hello React")
    (:script :src "")
    (:script :src "")
     (:div :id "content")
      (ps-to-stream stream
        (defreact *hello-world
            render (lambda () (htm
                               (:div (+ "Hello " (@ this props name) "!")))))
        (chain *React-d-o-m (render
                              (:*hello-world :name "World"))
                             (chain document (get-element-by-id "content"))))))))))

This allows cl-who style elements inside parenscript. The symbol cl-who:htm is used to introduce html literals into javascript. You must prefix all react class names with an asterisk; parenscript will turn *camel-case-name into CamelCaseName so this follows the convention of initial capital letters for react classes, and allows for HTML to introduce new element names without needing to update this library.

Lastly defreact is a convenience wrapper for generating "var Foo = React.createClass(...)" forms; the body is alternating key/value pairs for the react object that is created.

There is a more full-featured example using hunchentoot; lines starting with ;;; are the equivalent javascript code. This is based off of what used to be the first tutorial on the react home page.