AngularJS implementation of Highcharts and Highstock
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Angular Highcharts

Charts API:

Based off of project by:


<highchart id="chart" config="chartConfig"></highchart>

Basic example: Example with dynamic x-axis:

The chart config resembles an exploded highcharts options object:

//Switch to use High Stocks
this.chartConfig.useHighStocks = !this.chartConfig.useHighStocks;

//Display Loading Message
this.chartConfig.loading = !this.chartConfig.loading;

//Set Chart Type (line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter)
this.chartConfig.options.chart.type = 'line';

//Add Series
this.chartConfig.series.push({ data: series });

//Remove Series
var seriesArray = $scope.chartConfig.series;
seriesArray.splice(0, 1);

//Set Chart Configuration
chartConfig = {
             //Main Highcharts options. Any Highchart options are valid here.
             //will be ovverriden by values specified below.
             options: {
                 chart: {
                     type: 'bar'
             //Series object - a list of series using normal highcharts series options.
             series: [{
                 data: [10, 15, 12, 8, 7]
             //Title configuration
             title: {
                 text: 'Hello'
             //Boolean to control showng loading status on chart
             loading: false,
             //Configuration for the xAxis. Currently only one x axis can be dynamically controlled.
             //properties currentMin and currentMax provied 2-way binding to the chart's maximimum and minimum
             xAxis: {
              currentMin: 0,
              currentMax: 20,
              title: {text: 'values'}
             //Whether to use HighStocks instead of HighCharts. Defaults to false.
             useHighStocks: false

All properties on the chart configuration are optional. Each property is watched for changes by angularjs.


  • Adding and removing series
  • Setting/Updating Chart options
  • Updating the chart title
  • 2 way binding to chart xAxis
  • Control of Loading status
  • Resizes with screen size changes.


  • Due to many equality checks the directive maybe slow with large datasets (this is solvable though...)
  • Whole Chart/Series is often redrawn where a simple update of data would suffice
  • If you don't assign ids to your series - incremental ids will be added
  • The 2 way binding to xAxis properties should be treated as experimental
  • When using with a highstocks navigator errors can occur
  • Needs tests!