Simple, single room chat application using the Laravel PHP framework
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Miles Chat

Miles chat is a simple, single room chat application built in PHP using the Laravel 4 framework, and also React.js for front end. Features include user authentication, rudimentary file upload/sharing, and browsable and searchable chat archives.

There is a live demo of Miles Chat here. All user accounts, chat messages, and file uploads are reset daily.


If you are new to Laravel and/or have not installed a Laravel application before, please see the Laravel documentation for more general information.


  1. PHP >= 5.3.7

  2. MCrypt PHP Extension

  3. Composer

  4. MySQL >= 5.6. Miles-Chat uses an InnoDB FULLTEXT index for search, which was not supported until version 5.6.

Installation Steps:

  1. git clone

  2. Create mysql DB

  3. In app/config/app.php, change 'debug' => true to false if this isn't a dev environment.

  4. In app/config/app.php, change 'key' => 'YourSecretKey!!!' to a random 32 bit string

  5. In app.config/app.php, change the timezone to the timezone of your server

  6. In app/config/database.php, change the mysql DB connection options to your database and username/password

  7. Optionally, you can change the path for file uploads in app/config/uploads.php

  8. In the miles-chat path, run composer install --prefer-dist --no-dev You can leave off the --no-dev if you also want to install the dev packages from composer.json

  9. Run composer dump-autoload

  10. Run the database migrations:

    php artisan migrate:install

    php artisan migrate

  11. Create a new virtual host for the application or you can also create a symbolic link to the /public folder of miles-chat. For example, on a typical Ubuntu LAMP stack you could do

sudo ln -s /path/to/miles-chat/public /var/www/miles-chat

which would allow you to go to http://localhost/miles-chat.

Why does this even exist?

Why write yet another simple chat application? Because I wanted to scratch an itch and learn something. I actually do use this very simple application on my home server with a user base of 2 (my server is named Miles, hence the names Miles Chat). As long as my friend and I keep using this chat then this author is happy with the results. If you find it useful in any way, then that's just an added side bonus.