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Rust Anthology 1

The best short-form writing about Rust, collected.

Rust needs more documentation, right? Well, yeah, it does, but there are actually a lot of great Rust docs out there right now, and a lot of great Rust writers! This project aims to collect their work into a single book.

See the current draft.

You might also be interested in the master list.

Travis Build Status


  • The primary goal is to collect valuable information into one place, get it under test, and present it in a consistent way.
  • Celebrate authors of excellent Rust documentation.
  • Create a coherent full-length book.
  • Self-publish a book in print form to give away as conference prizes.
  • Create a yearly tradition of collecting the best Rust writing.
  • Incentivise yet more high-quality blogging about Rust with the anticipation of being selected for next-year's book.


Rust Anthology is built with mdbook. To build:

cargo install mdbook
mdbook build

Testing is again with mdbook:

mdbook test



On curation

There is a lot of good writing about Rust. Not all of it will make the cut. We'll have to make some hard decisions, and some authors will probably be disappointed at not being included. That's just reality, and we have to manage it as nicely as we can.

Authorship and licensing

Authors maintain the copyright to their chapters, and each chapter is licensed individually according to the author's preference. Copyright of modifications to chapters as part of the editorial process is relinquished to the original authors. Additional content, such as chapter descriptions, is owned by the contributing editor and licensed CC-BY-4.0.

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