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Sebastian Sylvan's Rust ray-tracer
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Updated code to work with newest version of the compiler, added a multitask-feature.



May 2013

A raytracing proof-of-concept in Rust


  • Rust-0.6 (incoming)


$ rustc rustray.rc

It's usually worth compiling with '--opt-level 3'.

Quality Settings

Now raytracing parameters are hard-coded in, just edit it and re-compile rustray again.


This might take some time even on the strong machine, so consider choosing more simple model or adjust quality settings.

$ wget
$ ./rustray cow-nonormals.obj
 Reading "cow-nonormals.obj"...
 Reading model file...Building kd-tree... Done.
 Loaded model.
         Verts: 4583, Tris: 25811
         KD-tree depth: 14, #nodes: 3341
 Tracing rays... using 4 tasks ... Done!
 Writing "./oput.ppm"...Done!
 Total time: 16.149s, of which tracing: 11.161
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