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Converting IP addresses between string and numeric representation in sqlite
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This Sqlite extension provides inet_aton() and inet_ntoa() functions for converting IP adresses between their string and numeric representation.


$ make
$ sqlite3
sqlite> .load bin/inet
sqlite> select inet_ntoa(3232235777);

If you don't want to compile code yourself you can download binaries from here:

Operating System SHA256
Linux 64-bit 0fd7032dd132a26fa44b33777aba1cbd841cada2a3a91aaee9379da84d627cad
Linux 32-bit be1264f95b2d2229ed9250911022ec9f1be89d29919aebc65f72131954e9a946
Windows 64-bit 74202c3c4f13b71c85657c7ed0066eddf82055157d27678d10b27a035c4b8235
Windows 32-bit 5416b902d8c7aa66fdd6ce1619199371f4fabffbf23c047d967fe84fd5718bca


The functions behave like their MariaDB analogs, that is, they expect integers in host byte order, rather than network byte order as expected by C functions. For more info, see this bug report.

When invoked with NULL, NULL is returned.

When invoked with otherwise incorrect data, an error is raised.

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