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.NET Cli Tool to package your .NET Core Application into a docker image: 'dotnet dockerize'
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Dockerize.NET: Your .NET Core App to a docker image

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dotnet dockerize -t brthor/serviceWorker:dev

This is a simple dotnet cli tool that enables you to easily package your dotnet app into a docker container. The above invocation creates a docker image with the tag brthor/serviceWorker:dev which you can then docker push to your registry or docker run locally.

The image simply runs the static void Main(string[] args) or other entrypoint of your app.

This has many uses:

  • Getting a service image ready for kubernetes environment
  • Testing your application in different OS's available in docker
  • Isolated environments for your app.


It's easy, add the following to your *.csproj file:

  <DotNetCliToolReference Include="Brthor.Dockerize.NET" Version="1.0.0-*" />

Then dotnet restore, followed by dotnet dockerize to make your docker image. The default tag is the project name.


See dotnet dockerize -h for available options.

$ dotnet dockerize -h

Usage:  [options]

  -t |--tag <tag>      The desired tag name of the created image. Will be directly passed to docker build -t, see docker build --help for more info. Defaults to the project name.

  -r |--runtime <RID>  The RID of the specified Base Docker image. Defaults to "linux-x64".

  -i |--image <image>  The base docker image used for the generated docker file. If you change this from the default, be sure toupdate BaseRid if appropriate. Defaults to "microsoft/dotnet:2.0-runtime".

  -? | -h | --help     Show help information


$ mkdir newApp
$ cd newApp
$ dotnet new console
The template "Console Application" was created successfully.

... etc output...

At this point you need to edit newApp.csproj and add the tool reference from above, and the whole file will look like:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
    <DotNetCliToolReference Include="Brthor.Dockerize.NET" Version="1.0.0-*" />

Continuing on the command line:

$ dotnet dockerize
Dockerize Config
Base Docker Image: microsoft/dotnet:2.0-runtime
Base Rid of Docker Image: linux-x64
Tag: newApp

... etc output...

$ docker run -it newApp
Hello World!


There's a lot of room for improvement, especially with customization of the underlying dockerfile. Feel free to create pull requests for additional features.

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