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Simple but cute Instapaper clone. Written in Rails.

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Welcome to Filo

Filo is a simple application to store links to stuff on the web that you want to read later. Yes, it's been heavily inspired by Instapaper, and I wrote the version just a few weeks after Instapaper's launch as a means to investigate a few alternatives in shaping the user experience.

Recently I decided to rewrote the application and move it to Heroku. You can find the current version at:

While at it, I also thought to open source it, so here it is.

Things you may find interesting here:

  • fully localized, using Rails i18n framework
  • iPhone interface, powered by jqTouch
  • Heroku ready
  • uses Devise for authentication.
  • Cucumber stories covering a good deal of the application's features.

Getting started on Heroku

These are the steps if you want to install your own copy of Filo in the cloud:

$ git clone
$ cd filo
$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku rake db:migrate


  • a lot. I have plenty of stories left in the icebox. Look this space for changes. On the other hand, feel free to fork and creovate.
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