Ruby binding for API (keep tabs on representatives in Parliament and other assemblies)
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They Work For You

A Ruby library to interface with the TheyWorkForYou API.

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The Ruby API closely mirrors that of TWFY, with the exception that the client methods are in lowercase and don't include the get prefix.

Some examples:

  • getComments -> comments
  • getMPs -> mps
  • getMPInfo -> mp_info


Ruby 1.9+

  • multi_json
  • paginator


Get a Client

require 'twfy'
client ="YOUR-API-KEY")

You can get an API key from

Call API methods directly on client

puts client.constituency(postcode: 'IP6 9PN').name
# => Central Suffolk & North Ipswich

mp = 'IP6 9PN')
puts mp.full_name
# => Michael Lord

# Get a *lot* of info about this MP
info = client.mp_info(id: mp.person_id)

# Get a sorted list of all the parties in the House of Lords
# => ["Bishop", "Conservative", "Crossbench", "DUP", "Green", "Labour", "Liberal Democrat", "Other"]

# Get number of debates in the House of Commons mentioning 'Iraq'
number = client.debates(type: 'commons', search: 'Iraq').info['total_results']

Daisy Chaining

A few methods on the client return non-OpenStruct instances that support daisy chaining. Using these to access related data more naturally (with caching).

Here are some examples

# Get the MP for the last constituency (if you sort them alphabetically)
mp = client.constituencies.sort_by(&:name)
# get the geometry information for that constituency (coming from the MP)
geometry = mp.constituency.geometry

# An overkill example showing caching (no services are called here, since
# the results have already been cached from above)
mp =

# These return equivalent results (Note how much easier the first is)
info1 = # this is cached for subsequent calls
info2 = client.mp_info(id: mp.person_id)

# Get pages of debates mentioning 'medicine'
debates1 = mp.debates(search: 'medicine')
debates2 = mp.debates(search: 'medicine', page: 2)

See for API documentation.


Please submit issues to

Pull requests gratefully accepted.


See LICENSE.txt.

Please note that data pulled from the API is licensed separately from this library.