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# coding=utf-8
import argparse
import requests
from lxml import etree
class AtomHelper(object):
host = ''
def __init__(self, keyword, type='packages', verbose=False, **kwargs):
if type not in ('packages', 'themes'):
raise ValueError(
"Parameter 'type' only supports 'packages' or 'themes'.") = keyword
self.type = type
self.verbose = verbose
self.search_url = '{host}/{type}/search?q={kw}'.format(, type=self.type,
self.items = []
def extract_item(self, cell):
"""Extract item from cells."""
target = self.first(cell.xpath(
'.//h4[@class="card-name"]/span/a'), default=None)
if target is not None:
title = target.text
url = + target.get('href')
title = url = ''
desc = self.first(cell.xpath(
'.//span[contains(@class, "card-description")]/text()'))
download = self.first(cell.xpath(
star = self.first(cell.xpath('.//a[@class="social-count"]/text()'))
return {
'title': title,
'url': url,
'desc': desc,
'download': self.number_format(download),
'star': self.number_format(star),
def run(self):
"""Do search!"""
print 'Searching %s ...' %
self.items = []
next_url = self.search_url
while next_url:
self.debug('> [GET] %s' % next_url)
response = requests.get(next_url).text
html = etree.HTML(response)
cells = html.xpath('//div[@class="grid-cell"]')
next_url = self.first(html.xpath('//a[@class="next_page"]/@href'))
next_url = ( + next_url) if next_url else None
self.items.extend(map(self.extract_item, cells))
self.debug('Got %d items' % len(self.items))
def topN(self, N=10, by='download'):
"""Get topN items by download or star count."""
total = len(self.items)
N = total if N > total else N
if by not in ('download', 'star'):
raise ValueError(
"Parameter 'by' only supports 'download' or 'star'.")
return sorted(self.items, key=lambda item: item[by], reverse=True)[:N]
def debug(self, content):
"""Log something with debug mode."""
if self.verbose:
print content
def log_item(item):
"""Log item simply."""
print 'Title: %s' % item['title']
print 'Url: %s' % item['url']
print 'Desc: %s' % item['desc']
print 'Download: %s' % item['download']
print 'star: %s' % item['star']
print '-' * 50
def first(seq, default=''):
"""Extract first item in sequence, or default value."""
return seq[0] if seq else default
def number_format(num_str):
"""Convert number string like '2,333' to integer."""
return int(num_str.replace(',', '').strip()) if num_str else num_str
def process_arg():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description='Atom helper to search packages or themes.',
epilog='Have fun :)')
nargs='+', help='The keyword to search.')
parser.add_argument('-n', type=int, default=5,
help='Show top N items.(default 5)')
parser.add_argument('-t', '--type', choices=('packages', 'themes'),
help='The type to search.(default packages)')
parser.add_argument('-s', '--sort', choices=('download', 'star'),
help='Sort items by.(default download)')
parser.add_argument('-v', '--verbose', action='store_true',
help='Show debug messages.')
args = vars(parser.parse_args())
return args
if __name__ == '__main__':
args = process_arg()
helper = AtomHelper(**args)
print '=' * 50
print '*'
print '* Search %s about "%s"' % (args['type'], args['keyword'])
print '*'
print '=' * 50
map(helper.log_item, helper.topN(N=args['n'], by=args['sort']))
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