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import threading
import time
import AlarmStorage
# import LedController
class AlarmCheck(object):
""" Threading example class
The run() method will be started and it will run in the background
until the application exits.
def __init__(self, interval=30):
""" Constructor
:type interval: int
:param interval: Check interval, in seconds
self.interval = interval
thread = threading.Thread(, args=())
thread.daemon = True # Daemonize thread
thread.start() # Start the execution
def run(self):
""" Method that runs forever """
print("alarm check started at: " + time.strftime('%X %x %Z'))
alarmflag = 99999
while True:
""" if alarm is updated, make sure we check for new ones """
alarms = AlarmStorage.ReturnAlarmsInJson()
alarmtime = ((time.localtime().tm_hour * 60) + time.localtime().tm_min)
dayindex = time.localtime().tm_wday
# fix day index to match indexing
if dayindex == 6:
dayindex = 0
dayindex += 1
# print("alarmflag "+str(alarmflag)+" alarmtime "+str(alarmtime) +" != "+ str(alarmflag != alarmtime))
# see if have an alarm at this time, and that we haven't alerted for it already for today
if str(alarmtime) in alarms.keys() and alarmflag != alarmtime+dayindex:
# make sure the alarm is active and make sure it should be alerted today.
if alarms[str(alarmtime)]['isActive'] == u'1' and alarms[str(alarmtime)]['days'][dayindex] == 1:
# alarm time plus the day index makes sure the triggering is only for a specific day and time.
alarmflag = alarmtime+dayindex
print("trigger alarm: " + str(alarmtime))
# LedController.slow_illumination()
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