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Current Version: 0.1

BoltFlow is a lattice Boltzmann 2D and 3D fluid flow solver implemented in C++. BoltFlow is written in CUDA C and is licensed under GPL v2, you are invited to use, alter and improve upon BoltFlow at your own discretion.

The main objective of this code is to provide a CPU only platform built from my previous GPU code, LBM-C. In the future, this will provide a testbed from which to explore OpenMP accelerators, and OpenACC.


  • Models may be configured through use of a simple matlab interface
  • Input constants are specified through ASCII input file
  • Input data in CGNS format (compatible with most post-processors, though input data format is not cgns compliant)
  • Output data in CGNS format (compatible with most post-processors)
  • Modelling Capabilities
  • Arbitrary geometries may be considered either by use of full-way bounceback or a simplified case of Nobel & Torczynski's immersed moving boundary method. The use of this boundary condition allows for simple coupling with the Discrete element method (not yet implemented), as was demonstrated by Feng et. al
  • Boundary pressures may be imposed upon edges using Zhou & He's pressure boundary condition
  • MRT or BGK collision dynamics
  • Smagorinsky turbulence (BGK only)
  • Body forces following Guo's work.
  • Operates on a D2Q9 or D3Q15 lattice

Further Work

  • Complete the implementation of Zhou & He's boundary condition to consider
    • Imposed pressure on convex corner nodes
    • Imposed velocity on edge's and corners
  • Multiphase coupling capability, where a suitable multiphase model would ideally include purely local computation
  • Discrete element method coupling for particle laden flow


Multicore LBM




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