Tool to broadcast PHP, HTML & JS code in real-time to multiple users.
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###What is CodeBroadcast?

CodeBroadcast is a tool to broadcast PHP, HTML and JS code in real-time using WebRTC.

It's made lightweight and works using WebRTC technology that provide instant P2P data transfer. Being supported by Google Chrome and Firefox you can broadcast your code, for example, to Android devices (it can be useful in purposes of education) and, of course, to PCs/Notebooks.

You can also execute your code directly from broadcaster's interface: the result will be instantly sent to all the connected viewers. Execution with custom GET parameters is supported too.

Written code will be broadcasted to all the connected devices simultaneously (read more about basics of P2P and WebRTC).


  • Uses WebRTC technology based on PeerJS (see
  • Written on PHP and JavaScript
  • Tool to broadcast code in real-time to up to 50 users
  • Can be used locally or via Internet for on-line webinars
  • Supports PHP code broadcasting and execution (for now, planned: JavaScript & HTML support)


  • For broadcaster:
    • PHP 5.3 or higher;
    • Web Server (apache, nginx...);
    • Browser with WebRTC support.
  • For viewer:
    • Compatible device that supports browsers with WebRTC.

###Development prospects

  • Automatic task completion check
  • Rewrite the whole script to Node.JS
  • Change direction of development to JavaScript, HTML & CSS


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