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ezmlm 0.53, alpha.
Copyright 1997
D. J. Bernstein,
ezmlm is an easy-to-use, high-speed mailing list manager for qmail. See
BLURB for a more detailed advertisement.
INSTALL says how to set up and test ezmlm.
See for the latest information about
The rest of this file is a list of systypes where various versions of
ezmlm have been reported to work.
0.52: aix-4-1-:-:-:00910033a000-:- (tnx KJJ)
0.52: freebsd-2.1.6-release-:i386-:-:-:- (tnx TM)
0.52: freebsd-2.2-stable-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (tnx fedi=???)
0.52: linux-2.0.18-:i386-:-:ppro-:- (tnx MAN)
0.52: linux-2.0.28-osfmach3-:-:-:ppc-:- (tnx CWG)
0.52: linux-2.0.29-:i386-:-:i486-:- (tnx FPL)
0.52: linux-2.0.29-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (tnx AG)
0.52: linux-2.0.30-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (tnx CH)
0.52: linux-2.0.30-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (tnx LMB)
0.52: linux-2.1.32-:i386-:-:pentium-:- (tnx JF)
0.52: netbsd-1.2c-:i386-:-:intel.pentium.(p54c).(586-class)-:- (tnx GW)
0.52: news-os-6.1.2-#2-:news5000-:-:news5000-:- (tnx yamada=???)
0.52: openbsd-2.0-generic#0-:openbsd.m68k-:-:mac68k-:- (tnx GS)
0.52: sunos-5.5-generic_103093-06-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4d-:sun4d- (tnx KT)
0.52: sunos-5.5.1-generic-:sparc-:sun4-:sun4c-:sun4c- (tnx CWG)
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