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- Convert all proto modules to use timedout reads.
- Add patterns to the remotes file, to allow messages to be delivered to
different remotes based on the sender or recipient addresses
- Remove "adminaddr" facility from -queue, and add a more general
destination address rewriting facility to -inject:
- Read a list containing "PATTERN:ADDRESS" lines.
- PATTERN can be a literal "user@FQDN" or just "user", in which case
it must be matched exactly (before qualification).
- PATTERN can be "@FQDN" which matches any user.
- Generate DDNs for messages older than a configurable time.
- For version 3: three-state queueing?
- Queue message partially (tmp -> holding)
- Send to smarthost immediately
- Remove from holding if sending succeeds
- Complete queueing (holding -> queue) if sending is deferred
- Return with an error if sending fails (permanently)
- Move all from holding -> queue on startup of nullmailer-send
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