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This component is still very early in development. Everything is currently still subject to massive change, so use at your own risk! Don't be surprised if you run into major or breaking bugs until we hit the 1.0.0 release.

Schedulely Preview

📚 Live Previews & Documentation

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📃 Description

A react-based, light-weight, highly customizable Month calendar for React-based applications.

  • Extremely small deployed package size (less than 5kb when minified & g-zipped)
  • Entire design is based on CSS-grid, so it is fully responsive and fast
  • Easy to override default components to add unique behavior and styles

The ultimate goal for this library was to create a framework that allowed for users to create their own calendar and components for use in the grid system. This allows for users to easily add additional functionality without bloating the base library with features not everyone may want.

The included default calendar components can be simply used as is, but the real power is being able to easily override these components. This allows consumers to use any state-management, styles, UX, or whatever without needing them included in this library, and without interfering with it's overall behavior.



location description
./packages/Schedulely The Schedulely component that is used to create the NPM package
./apps/schedulely-docs The Docusaurus project that contains the formal documentation for Schedulely


This project uses Turborepo for building, so many of these tasks are additive and will call other tasks.

The following commands are used for development:

command description
npm run build Build all artifacts (Schedulely and docs)
npm run rollup Build the Schedulely NPM package artifact
npm run dev Run Schedulely within Ladle. This is used for real-time local development
npm run test Run Jest unit tests for Schedulely
npm run dev-docs Run Docusaurus documentation with real-time updates.

Documentation Development

The documentation project builds Schedulely and adds it directly to the documentation pages. It does not utilize a released NPM package. This ensures that the documentation always reflects exactly what is on main, and doesn't require us to continually keep bumping the Schedulely package version between releases.


CSS-grid based React calendar with a focus on extensibility and small package size




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