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--mathimagemagnification=1.25 invalid? #810

ianhbell opened this issue Nov 3, 2016 · 1 comment

--mathimagemagnification=1.25 invalid? #810

ianhbell opened this issue Nov 3, 2016 · 1 comment


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ianhbell commented Nov 3, 2016

I found the equations in the HTML when converted to HTML to be rather large (no surprise), so I tried --mathimagemagnification=1.25 to shrink them, but that flag seems invalid? Installation from apt on ubuntu, FWIW

$ latexmlpost --format=html4 --verbose --mathimagemagnification=1.25 --dest=Paper.html  Paper.xml
Unknown option: mathimagemagnification
latexmlpost (LaTeXML version 0.8.1)
    latexmlpost [options] *xmlfile*

     --verbose               shows progress during processing.
     --VERSION               show version number.
     --help                  shows help message.
     --sourcedirectory=sourcedir sets directory of the original
                             source TeX file.
     --validate, --novalidate Enables (the default) or disables
                             validation of the source xml.
     --format=html|html5|html4|xhtml|xml requests the output format.
                             (html defaults to html5)
     --destination=file      sets output file (and directory).
     --omitdoctype           omits the Doctype declaration,
     --noomitdoctype         disables the omission (the default)
     --numbersections        enables (the default) the inclusion of
                             section numbers in titles, crossrefs.
     --nonumbersections      disables the above
     --stylesheet=xslfile    requests the XSL transform using the
                             given xslfile as stylesheet.
     --css=cssfile           adds css stylesheet to (x)html(5)
                             (can be repeated)
     --nodefaultresources    disables processing built-in resources
     --javscript=jsfile      adds a link to a javascript file into
                             html4/html5/xhtml (can be repeated)
     --xsltparameter=name:value passes parameters to the XSLT.
     --split                 requests splitting each document
     --nosplit               disables the above (default)
     --splitat               sets level to split the document
     --splitpath=xpath       sets xpath expression to use for
                             splitting (default splits at
                             sections, if splitting is enabled)
     --splitnaming=(id|idrelative|label|labelrelative) specifies
                             how to name split files (idrelative).
     --scan                  scans documents to extract ids,
                             labels, etc.
                             section titles, etc. (default)
     --noscan                disables the above
     --crossref              fills in crossreferences (default)
     --nocrossref            disables the above
     --urlstyle=(server|negotiated|file) format to use for urls
                             (default server).
     --navigationtoc=(context|none) generates a table of contents
                             in navigation bar
     --index                 requests creating an index (default)
     --noindex               disables the above
     --splitindex            Splits index into pages per initial.
     --nosplitindex          disables the above (default)
     --permutedindex         permutes index phrases in the index
     --nopermutedindex       disables the above (default)
     --bibliography=file     sets a bibliography file
     --splitbibliography     splits the bibliography into pages per
     --nosplitbibliography   disables the above (default)
     --prescan               carries out only the split (if
                             enabled) and scan, storing
                             cross-referencing data in dbfile
                             (default is complete processing)
     --dbfile=dbfile         sets file to store crossreferences
     --sitedirectory=dir     sets the base directory of the site
     --mathimages            converts math to images
                             (default for html4 format)
     --nomathimages          disables the above
     --mathsvg               converts math to svg images
     --nomathsvg             disables the above
     --mathimagemagnification=mag sets magnification factor
     --presentationmathml    converts math to Presentation MathML
                             (default for xhtml & html5 formats)
     --pmml                  alias for --presentationmathml
     --nopresentationmathml  disables the above
     --linelength=n          formats presentation mathml to a
                             linelength max of n characters
     --contentmathml         converts math to Content MathML
     --nocontentmathml       disables the above (default)
     --cmml                  alias for --contentmathml
     --openmath              converts math to OpenMath
     --noopenmath            disables the above (default)
     --om                    alias for --openmath
     --keepXMath             preserves the intermediate XMath
                             representation (default is to remove)
     --plane1                use plane-1 unicode for symbols
                             (default, if needed)
     --noplane1              do not use plane-1 unicode
     --graphicimages         converts graphics to images (default)
     --nographicimages       disables the above
     --graphicsmap=type.type specifies a graphics file mapping
     --pictureimages         converts picture environments to
                             images (default)
     --nopictureimages       disables the above
     --svg                   converts picture environments to SVG
     --nosvg                 disables the above (default)

    If *xmlfile* is '-', latexmlpost reads the XML from standard input.

@dginev dginev added this to the LaTeXML-0.8.3 milestone Nov 5, 2016
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Indeed, it was documented, but not implemented (things usually go the other way around!).

Thanks; fixed & committed!

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