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# Program for randomly picking a dinner location based on a list of choices.
# Inspired by my children and the arguing that happens before our dinner every Tuesday.
import random # Random needed for choosing below.
rest_list = []
print("So. It's come to this...")
print("Your inability to make a decision has led us here.")
print("Please name a place at the prompt or enter 'done' when you are, you know, done.")
print("You may name as many places as you want. But be reasonable.")
# Allows for an unlimited list of places to choose from.
while True:
place = input("OK, name it: ")
if place.lower() == "done":
# Print the list before choosing.
print("Awesome. Here's the list: ")
# I decided to give them an out at the last second.
# It is the 'But none of us want to go there!' catch.
# Planning to add the ability to remove places as well in this step.
last_ch = input("OK, last chance to abort or else we do this randomly. Do you want me to choose, 'Y' or 'N'? ")
if last_ch.lower() == "y":
# The choice is decided by using a random integer to index the list.
choice = rest_list[random.randint(0, len(rest_list)-1)]
print("OK, then by the power invested in me by Guido van Rossum and Python3.7, \n\nI declare that " + choice + " is where we're going.\n\nLet there be no complaining.\n\nGuido has spoken.")
print("Yeah, totally cool. Not like your Dad spent time writing, testing, doing a bunch for this...I get it.\nI mean I'm hurt...but I get it. =)")
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