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Simple drawing program created using Qt
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Drawing App


[ Link to video demonstration ]

This Drawing App has no functional purpose by itself; it is an experiment of complexity management to test how much requirements (and maybe future requirements) I can mash together by designing software properly. I'm not quite sure if I was successful, but it was still to date the most complex piece of work I've created.

Technically this app will compile in any OS that Qt 5 supports, given you have a C++11 compliant compiler. I heavily rely on lambdas, foreach loops, auto, some smart pointers and other C++11 goodness. Below is the original UML class diagram I drew up in WhiteStarUML before implementation:

UML Class Diagram

This app has been tested in Windows 8.1 (MSVC++2013) and Manjaro Linux (MinGW 4.8).


Used as of this writing

  • Qt Creator 3.3.0
  • Qt 5.4
  • C++11 compliant compiler
  • Catch Unit Test Framework (bundled)


Icons are from various sources mashed up together:


I don't care what you do with it. However, if you find this useful, do drop me a love letter and say thanks (:

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