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Lumin OS Kernel
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License 1 - GPL v3.txt
License 2 - GPL v2.txt
License 3 - LGPL v3.txt
License 4 - LGPL v2.1.txt
License 5 - LGPL v2.0.txt

In accordance with the relevant open source license, this repository includes the source code corresponding to the relevant distributed binary object code. Information regarding modifications to the original open source dependencies may be found in the source code itself as well as in the ‘Kernel-Related Materials’ portion of the accompanying notices documentation. Please contact Magic Leap if you have any questions or requests regarding source code associated with open source dependencies. As a reminder, your use of any Magic Leap products or services as a whole, including any proprietary code therein, is governed by the EULA or other terms and conditions accompanying such products or services, which can be found at

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