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HTML-Tidy plugin for Notepad++. Uses tidy-html5 -
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Latest commit 6bc72e0 @bruderstein Add tidyCleanAndRepair() call to perform "clean" step
This has the effect of adding missing DOCTYPE if it is configured. Seems to do some extra tidy up too.

HTML Tidy 2 Plugin for Notepad++

This is a quick and dirty plugin to add easy HTML tidying to Notepad++, given the few issues reported with the existing Tidy plugin.

This uses the excellent tidy-html5 from

The code desperately needs a tidy up, this is a few hours work just to solve the current problems.


Just copy the Tidy2.dll to your Notepad++\plugins directory. Ideally add the doc folder to Notepad++\plugins directory too, this will mean you have the correct documentation, and the "Show Config Help" option will show the documentation that applies to your version (rather than simply the latest on the web)

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