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update xbracket lite to 1.3.0

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chcg committed Feb 6, 2018
1 parent 30518de commit 5bab716f0c652fe109fca9976e2ff6528aaf4c7a
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@@ -1010,6 +1010,19 @@
<plugin name="XBrackets Lite">
<description>XBrackets Lite allows to autocomplete brackets ([{""}]) i.e. it inserts corresponding right bracket when the left bracket is typed. The plugin uses "smart" autocompletion: * next character is analysed for ([{ brackets; * next &amp; previous characters are analysed for " quote.</description>
<author>Dovgan Vitaliy</author>
<latestUpdate>v1.3.0 - Feb 2018\n* 64-bit version added\n\nv1.2.1 - Oct 2012\n- fixed: while saving the options (CXBracketsOptions::SaveOptions),\n the value of m_szHtmlFileExts was not correctly updated.\n Thanks to David M. Miller for reporting &amp; providing a fix.\n\nv1.2 - May 2011\n* header files in "src/core/npp_stuff" updated to version 5.9 of Notepad++\n* now brackets autocompletion is disabled during multiple selection mode</latestUpdate>
<copy from="XBrackets.dll" to="$PLUGINDIR$\" validate="true"/>
<copy from="XBrackets.txt" to="$PLUGINDIR$\doc\XBrackets"/>
<plugin name="XML Tools">
<description>This plugin is a small set of useful tools for editing XML with Notepad++. The plugin is libXML2-based. The plugin features are:\n- XML syntax Check\n- XML Schema (XSD) + DTD Validation\n- XML tag autoclose\n- Pretty print\n- Linarize XML\n- Current XML Path\n- Conversion XML &amp;lt;-&amp;gt; Text\n- Comment / Uncomment\n- XPath expression evaluation</description>
@@ -276,5 +276,9 @@
"e264de50298fd1911352f90183a11347": "MusicPlayer_1.0.11x64.dll"
"XBrackets Lite":
"8e864261ab8830ec761e5c07a22afab0": "XBrackets.dll"

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