v0.8: License Headers added to files

@bruderstein bruderstein tagged this Jul 12, 2009 · 168 commits to master since this tag

Added backup facility for copy
Fixed a bug with copy not checking the md5 correctly
Fixed a bug with MD5 that made incorrect md5sum's were generated

Fixed solution so that debug and release both build correctly for ansi and unicode

Added author, homepage and source url to description
Fixed timing issue if plugin manager was opened before plugins.xml was downloaded
Fixed bug if install/update/remove was clicked whilst still downloading the plugins.xml

Fixed bug if plugin dll file did not have a FileVersion property, but did have a versioninfo structure

Added category to plugin
Fixed message box parents all over the place, so they are now all owned ultimately by N++
Some fixes for the ANSI build - mostly excluding char forms of functions if ANSI build is in use
Centred all dialogs

Added check to ensure gpup.exe exists.
Added reinstall button to installed tab