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Lithium library for parsing mustache views, uses PHP Mustache.

Mustache Spec version: 1.1.2 PHP Mustache version: 1.0.0


Add a submodule to your li3 libraries:

git submodule add libraries/li3_mustache

and activate it in you app (config/bootstrap/libraries.php), of course:



Within your views, you can easily use mustache elements with a helpful mustache helper:

<?= $this->mustache->render('posts/detail', compact('post')); ?>

The mustache template will then be pulled from {:library}/views/mustache/posts/detail.html.php

Any model, that is passed in (or a collection of models) will be converted to array-data at the moment, to allow for easy usage. I will work on a model-callback solution, which allows for template functions to be called.

If you want to provide the mustache template for js-usage, this can be easily done like that:

<?= $this->mustache->script('posts/index'); ?>

This will render the following javascript block (including the template):

<script id="tpl_posts_index" type="text/html" charset="utf-8"> { mustache template here } </script>

You can easily use this template with tpl_ followed by Inflector::slugified template name (where - will become _).

additional usage

Instead of using only mustache for the view in general, i prefer to use mustache templates for all kind of data representation within the view, whereas i leave the view itself as default html/php mix. But this library comes with a mustache View class as well, to use mustache views completely.


The following points is my roadmap. If you need any of this features sooner than later, please let me know.

  • [✓] Provide useful helper
  • [✓] allow for easy using of an element as mustache template
  • [✓] mustache template folder to be at views/mustache
  • [✓] allow for mustache templates to live within libraries
  • [✓] allow subtemplates to be rendered, no registration required
  • provide additional scope that carries li3-relevant information (i.e. request, session, etc)
  • allow callbacks to model methods on collection data


Please report any bug, here: