Home Assistant configuration documented on my YouTube channel
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These are the Home Assistant configuration files used in the BRUH3 Home Automation project. Check out the YouTube Series if you want to learn more about it!

Installation Process

I'm currently running Home Assistant version 0.46.0. My preferred installation method is Hassbian.

After downloading the disk image and writing it to an SD card with Etcher, I run the following commands in Putty to install the required prerequisites.

sudo hassbian-config install mosquitto
sudo hassbian-config install libcec
sudo hassbian-config install openzwave
sudo hassbian-config install samba

I also use HASSCTL which allows for some of thsee super simple commandline shortcuts for starting, stoping, upgrading, and debugging HA.

hassctl update-hass
hassctl start
hassctl stop
hassctl error

Hardware Running HA

Connected Devices

3D Printers


Cloud Controlled Devices

DIY Projects

Local Network


BRUH3 Flow Diagram