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A little command-line tool to avoid computer suspend as long a app is running
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nosuspend A little command-line tool for systems using systemd.

nosuspend allows users to avoid suspend or shutdown even on privileged level (e.g. root) when a running user process shouldn't be interrupted.

To accomplish this, nosuspend sets the systemd-inhibit flag with UID 0/root in order to block computer suspend while another command-line operation is running.


This program could install a PolKit rule allowing active users to run systemd-inhibit with the UID 0/root flag and without a password. The default setting requires a password.


nosuspend needs the commandline tool screen to be installed


  1. clone the repo
  2. cd nosuspend

Multiple options for the next step:

3A. most secure build: make secure (or just make, which does the same by default)

This will build with a policy file which requires you to enter root passphrase to use nosupend.

3B. operate without passphrase (less strictly secure): make relaxed

This will build with a policy file which allows nosuspend to run without asking for a root passphrase.

  1. run sudo make install to install nosuspend to the system


To uninstall nosuspend, cd to the nosuspend directory and run:

sudo make uninstall

how to use

To use nosuspend, simply run before another command as in: nosuspend appname -parameter for appname

Full bash completion is supported for easy command substitution.

Note: when a suspend signal is sent while nosuspend is functioning, a dialog may appear saying something like "Authentication is required for suspending the system while an application asked to inhibit it." That dialog may ask for a root passphrase. Entering the passphrase and clicking "OK" should allow the suspend to go ahead, overriding nosuspend. Ignoring, closing, or canceling the dialog will let nosuspend continue in blocking suspension.

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