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EDTracker2 sketches for Arduino IDE. These are subdivided by various hardware types; make sure you choose the sketch appropriate for the hardware you're using (motion sensor, for example). Place these in your Arduino IDE sketches folder (typically in "My Documents/Arduino").

If you are using standard SparkFun Pro Micro hardware coupled with MPU-6050 or MPU-9*50 MEMS sensors, there is no need for you to build from source if you keep to the standard wiring format provided on The simplest route to EDTracker ownership is to build the physical device following the instructions on the website, and then simply download the EDTracker GUI and flash your device from that. No need to faff around with source code, Git and compiling!

NOTE: To make the build process easier, all the libraries and relevant hardware settings are packaged up and available within the separate repo here :

You WILL need the additional libraries and modified Arduino core files provided in the above repo; the sketches will not compile without them :)

EDTracker 2 sketches are currently as follows :

  • EDTracker2_6050 - for use with Invensense MPU-6050 breakout boards (accel/gyro only)
  • EDTracker2_9150 - for use with Invensense MPU-9150 breakout boards (accel/gyro/magnetometer)
  • EDTracker2_9250 - for use with Invensense MPU-9250 breakout boards (accel/gyro/magnetometer)

Once built, you will need the EDTracker GUI software to calibrate and monitor - this is available in binary form only at this stage, via http://

Tested/verified with Arduino IDE 1.8.5

Love and manly hugs! The EDTracker Team...


EDTracker2 Arduino sketches for Invensense MPU-xx50 based devices



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