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EDTracker2_ArduinoHardware Please note : I am no longer affiliated with EDTracker Ltd or, but until such time as an alternative repository is put in place, I will continue to front this repository and will maintain it on a best endeavours basis.

Packaged up hardware files for EDTracker2. Place the "edtracker" folder into your /hardware/ folder.

When compiling, choose the appropriate device from Tools -> Board

The target hardware for EDTracker2 is a 16MHz ATMEGA32U4-based device (e.g. Sparkfun Pro Micro).

Summary of changes/inclusions :

  • Arduino core files USBAPI.h/HID.cpp modified to include a USB joystick as part of the HID descriptor
  • EEPROM library included (David A. Mellis - GNU license)
  • I2C library included (Jeff Rowberg - MIT license)
  • Invensense Motion Driver (Invensense)
  • Wire (TWI) library included (Nicholas Zambetti - GNU license)

NB: We removed the keyboard and mouse components from the USB HID descriptor as of 28th Jan (pushed to Git 28th Feb) in the interests of space and neatness. If these matter to you (maybe you have customised the firmware to report as a mouse, for example) then please revert to the previous release of the hardware files.

Tested successfully with Arduino IDE 1.6.4, 1.6.7 and 1.8.5


Custom hardware device files for Arduino IDE



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