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Unit Data: Probability Distributions in the Unit Interval

This repository contains a Shiny Application for the study and use of probability distributions for data on the unit interval (0, 1). The application was built with special help of the flexdashboard package and is still under development.

On this application we built you will find some interesting tools:

  1. The first section is dedicated to the description, mathematical properties and bibliography about each probability distribution;

  2. The second section can be used for the study of how the form ("shape") of the distributions behave when we change the parameters. This is important when we want to have a better visual notion about the distribution;

  3. The third section we can say is the most important one. Here, it is possible to see the distributions in action:

  • one dataset of data in the unit interval is available for demonstration. In this section, the chart of each variable can be obtained, along with the results of the fits for all the distributions for them, such as parameters and curves. For the understanding of which of the distributions is better for each variable, some estimators of the quality of the models are presented, as the BIC and AIC.

  • as a second option, the user himself can upload his own dataset and see how the distributions behave for it.

The application is available for use at: