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The Guide

This is an attempt at a comprehensive guide to Brunch, an excellent builder for browser apps that gives Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli et al. a run for their money. I adapted this from my (French language) article from early March 2015.

Is your English reading not so good? Check out our translations.

For a short 8-minute version that allows to learn 90% of Brunch features take a look at Brunches official micro guide.

Table of Contents

  1. Brunch?! What’s Brunch?
  1. Getting started with Brunch
  1. Conventions and defaults
  1. Starting from scratch
  1. Using third-party module registries
  2. A shot at templating
  3. Using Brunch on a legacy codebase
  4. Production builds
  5. Watcher
  6. Web server: built-in or custom
  1. Plugins for all your build needs
  1. Writing a Brunch plugin
  2. Conclusion


This guide is also available in the following languages:

To contribute translations, check out our guidelines.

Brunch version

This guide was written against Brunch 2.5. Most of it works in earlier versions, though; still, you should upgrade!


This work is © 2015 Christophe Porteneuve, licensed under the MIT license.


I welcome all useful contributions: typos, bug fixes, rephrasings, better explanations or examples, extra information and demos, translations, etc.

Be sure to check our contribution guidelines!


The Brunch team deserves enormous applause and thanks for their amazing work on this tool. I write this as Brunch turns 4 already, and it's made my life easier (and that of hundreds of my JS trainees) for all that time! You guys rule!