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Contributing to the guide

So you want to contribute to this guide? Hey, that's awesome! 🎉 Welcome aboard!

Types of contribution

We welcome any and all types of contributions, with a particular eye towards the following:

  • Typo's
  • Bug fixes
  • Rewording for clearer explanations and general content
  • Extra content and example code (and possibly images to go with that)
  • Translations


This is GitHub, my friends, so let's do it the clean way:

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Work on your own fork
  3. Clean up your local history so it reads nicely. If you don't know how to do that, check this out. Seize the opportunity to proofread everything.
  4. Push the clean history to your repo (if you had pushed earlier, it's okay to force-push; if that bothers you, create a new branch over the clean history and push it fresh).
  5. Create a Pull Request towards this repo's master branch. Craft a nice title and description so I get a good sense of what you were doing in there.

Do not touch (this file): I'll add your name after I merge your PR.

Don't know Git? Or GitHub? Afraid to do all this? Then at the very least file an issue! Try and be as descriptive as possible, and if you have a notion of how to fix that thing, let us know, too!

Coding style

Open source means "your house, your rules" when it comes to code. In your fixes and translations, please follow the same coding standards as the original code. It's pretty much in sync with the community's dominant style, which mostly boils down to:

  • Two-space indent
  • Comma last
  • Opening curly at the end of line
  • Always use curlies on blocks, even single-statement ones
  • Comments on their own lines, before the commented code, using // markers
  • Spaces around binary operators and after colons, commas and semicolons
  • No spaces inside parentheses, or between function name and opening paren.

I also require an empty line after a short-circuit (return, break, continue) and no else for an if that ends with a short-circuit.

About translations

Translations should:

  • Use a l10n-<iso3166-2 locale code> branch on their fork to contain their work
  • Put their chapters inside content/<locale>/, including their
  • Put any custom images (you shouldn't need that, but who knows) in an images/ subdirectory alongside their own content
  • Add a link to their with their language's name (in their own language) in the "Translations" section of the root
  • Keep an English-language link to the main at the top of their own (see this file for the markup line you can reuse)

Before submitting your translated PR, you should also:

  • Have proofread it yourself entirely (post-writing),
  • Have created a PR local to your repo (from l10n-<locale> to master, for instance) to bring in at least one extra reviewer that would proofread your translation too.
  • Have closed that PR to show the dual review is done.

You can then create a PR to this repo's master. This whole process is fairly common on GitHub for translations, and is designed to ensure a good minimum level of translation quality.

If you want to link to another demo repo, this is fine. Please name it brunch-guide-demo-<locale>, and notify me in your PR so I can link to it from the original repo's README as well.


This section lists contributors to this repository.