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Brunch skeletons

Skeleton is an application template that you can initialize with brunch new <skeleton-address>. <skeleton-address> can be git or GitHub URL, like or GitHub short-cut, like gh:paulmillr/brunch-with-chaplin.

Add your skeleton to skeletons listing on the website by submitting a PR to brunch/ (update Jade templates from brunch branch).

Feel free to also add your own skeletons here. Preferably skeletons should have their own name (brunch with eggs and bacon, brunch with hipsters etc.) instead of list of used technologies.

Take a look at for this list ordered by stars on GitHub.


Title URL (brunch new [url]) Languages Description & additions
Backbone.js-based (with framework)
Brunch with Chaplin gh:paulmillr/brunch-with-chaplin CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars Chaplin, Backbone, HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery. Perfect for big applications
Brunch with Chaplin JS gh:paulmillr/brunch-with-chaplin-js JavaScript, Stylus, Handlebars Chaplin, Backbone, HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery. Perfect for big applications. Same as Brunch with Chaplin, but in plain js
Brunch with SASS gh:stefanvermaas/brunch-with-sass CoffeeScript, Sass, Handlebars Brunch with SASS provides a working Brunch with Chaplin skeleton with SASS enabled instead of Stylus
Sassy Brunch gh:bc-luke/sassy-brunch CoffeeScript, Sass, Handlebars Just like Brunch with Chaplin, but replaces Stylus with Sass
Chapless Brunch gh:jupl/chapless-brunch CoffeeScript, LESS, eco Backbone, Chaplin, jQuery, Lo-Dash, LESS Hat. Jake tasks included. Support for Exoskeleton and Rivets.js is included. There's also a variant with Cordova.
Sticky Brunch gh:Nami-Doc/sticky-brunch LiveScript, Stylus, Jade Includes Stickit for MVVM-like behavior. No CSS framework included.
SPA Bootstrap gh:coderek/spa-bootstrap CoffeeScript, SCSS, Handlebars Backbone, Marionette, jQuery, Lo-Dash, Bourbon, Express. Nicely Configured for Single Page Routing.
Brunch with Chaplin and Bootstrap gh:vip32/brunch-with-chaplin-and-bootstrap CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap, jQuery
Brunch with Chaplin and Initializr gh:DallanQ/brunch-with-chaplin-and-initializr CoffeeScript, Stylus, LESS, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, Bootstrap, jQuery, Modernizr — includes individual bootstrap style files and javascript plugins so you can omit or modify them
Brunch with MarionetteJS gh:SimbCo/brunch-with-marionette CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars Based on the template we have been using for our MarionetteJS projects. Includes Twitter Bootstrap.
Brunch with MarionetteJS gh:vip32/brunch-with-marionette CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars, Bootstrap 3 Copy of SimbCo/brunch-with-marionette which has specific implementation of routes/views
Brunch with Grits Backbone, Marionette CoffeeScript, Stylus Brunch with CoffeeScript, Stylus, Backbone, Marrionette, and jQuery.
Brunch with Coffee & Dust CoffeeScript, LESS, Dust.js Twitter Bootstrap and Aura based skeleton.
Brunch With Sass and Jade gh:felipesabino/brunch-with-sass-and-jade CoffeeScript, Sass, Jade Brunch with Chaplin, Sass, Jade, jQuery and Underscore
Brunch with Puppets gh:sandy98/brunch-with-puppets CoffeeScript, Stylus MarionetteJS - Twitter Bootstrap based skeleton with expanded, login prepared menu and some other goodies
Pineapple in a Can gh:timebox-designs/pineapple-in-a-can JavaScript, Stylus Backbone, bootstrap, font awesome, handlebars, jQuery, marionette, swag and underscore. Chock full of yummy goodness!
Canned Coral gh:timebox-designs/canned-coral JavaScript, Stylus A copy of Pineapple in a Can with a reverse proxy.
Brunch with Steak and Eggs gh:oddpixel/brunch-steak-eggs JavaScript, LESS, Handlebars Bootstrap, Backbone, Marionette, Handlebars, jQuery, LESS
Brunch Barclays Premier League table gh:denar90/marionette-es6-brunch JavaScript, Stylus, Handlebars Bootstrap, Backbone, Marionette, Handlebars, jQuery, ES2015, ES6
Plain backbone.js-based
Brunch with Hipsters gh:elving/brunch-with-hipsters CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars Swag, Lodash, Font Awesome, Normalize.css, HTML5 Boilerplate CSS Helpers, Brunch Auto-Reload, coffeelint-brunch and imageoptmizer-brunch. Works with Bower, includes generators and testing with Karma-Runner.
Brunch with Banana Pancakes gh:Anaphase/brunch-banana-pancakes JavaScript, Sass, LESS, Handlebars Twitter Bootstrap, Mediator. Essentially the same as Brunch with Eggs and Bacon, but constantly updated to the latest library versions.
Brunch with Bacon Pancakes gh:eliellis/brunch-bacon-pancakes JavaScript, Sass, LESS, Handlebars Created with Brunch with Banana Pancakes as a base, Brunch with Bacon Pancakes includes Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
Brunch with eggs and bacon gh:nezoomie/brunch-eggs-and-bacon JavaScript, Sass, LESS, Handlebars Twitter Bootstrap, Mediator
@jokull's skeleton gh:jokull/brunch-template CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars Zepto, Stylus responsive grid, Modernizr, Facebook login, slideshow
Brunch for CreateJS Canvas gh:damassi/Backbone.Create JavaScript, Sass, Handlebars A Backbone.js-based framework for CreateJS canvas projects. Also included is TweenMax for super fast animation.
CoffeeScript App Skeleton gh:damassi/Coffeescript-App-Skeleton CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery, Mediator, advanced structure
JavaScript App Skeleton gh:damassi/Javascript-App-Skeleton JavaScript, SASS, Handlebars LiveReload, Backbone.Mediator, Mocha, Advanced Structure
Brunch with SocketSoup gh:pheuter/brunch-socket-soup Coffeescript, Stylus, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap, Express,
Brunch Crumbs gh:meleyal/brunch-crumbs CoffeeScript, jQuery, Sass, Eco Minimal structure based on H5BP, CoffeeScript, jQuery, SCSS, Eco
Brunch with Coffee gh:brunch/simple-coffee-skeleton CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery. It was the default skeleton in brunch 1.1. Unsupported but still working.
Brunch with JS gh:brunch/simple-js-skeleton JavaScript, Stylus, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery. Unsupported but still working.
Brunch chrunb gh:tUrG0n/brunch-chrunb CoffeeScript, Stylus, Jade Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery
Simple Brunch gh:KyleAMathews/simple-brunch CoffeeScript, Sass/Compass, Eco Includes some nice typography defaults and Susy, a responsive grid system.
Brunch Marcos gh:smazurov/brunch-marcos JavaScript, Stylus/Handlebars LayoutManager, Tests, Sensible structure to write large maintainable apps.
Brunch Foundation gh:talentriot/brunch-foundation JavaScript, SASS/Handlebars Foundation CSS framework, LayoutManager, Tests, Sensible structure to write large maintainable apps. Intended for mobile-first
Express Brunch with Jade gh:jerfowler/ExpressBrunchJade CoffeeScript, Stylus, Jade Custom that watches your Express server files and restarts on hot code changes. Uses Jade for client and server side templates. Includes express framework generators and Mocha/Chai/Sinon for testacular testing. Everything hipsters has, and more...
Express Brunch with Jade & Sass gh:thomporter/ExpressBrunchJadeSass CoffeeScript, Sass, Jade Clone of ExpressBrunchJade with Sass instead of Stylus and updated to Bootstrap 3.0.3 and FontAwesome 4.0.3
Brunch with Bootstrap, Sass, and Coffee gh:eriwen/brunch-jade-bootstrap-and-coffee CoffeeScript, Sass, Jade Twitter Bootstrap, Bootstrap-Sass, Mediator, jQuery
Brunch with Underscore, LESS and JS gh:davidfregoli/brunch-with-underscore-js-less Underscore templates, LESS styles, plain JS Minimal Brunch Skeleton with Underscore templates, LESS styles and vanilla JS
Brunch with Fruits gh:askalyuk/brunch-fruits JavaScript, Handlebars, LESS/SASS Bootstrap, Mocha/Chai. It has example of deployed full-stack application.
Brunch Dutch Baby gh:EnosFeedler/brunch-dutch-baby Coffeescript, Stylus, Jade Backbone.js, Bootstrap 3, Karma Test Runner
Brunch Time gh:sjlu/brunch-time Javascript, LESS, Handlebars Bower, Backbone.js, Normalize.css, lesshat
Brunch with Back Bacon gh:morriswchris/brunch-with-backbacon Underscore templates (JST precompilation), LESS styles, backbone, bootstrap, font awesome, plain JS Minimal Brunch Skeleton with Underscore templates, JST pre-compilation, bootstrap, font-awesome, LESS styles, backbone, and vanilla JS
Brunch with Ember Sideloaded gh:ksnyde/brunch-with-ember-sideloaded Javascript, LESS, Handlebars Bootstrap 3, MomentJS, SimpleAuthentication, Swag, FontAwesome, testing with Karma/Qunit
Brunch with Ember gh:icholy/ember-brunch JavaScript, CSS, Handlebars Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery
Brunch with Ember Reloaded gh:gcollazo/brunch-with-ember-reloaded CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery and Auto Reload
Brunch with Ember and Bootstrap gh:huafu/brunch-with-ember-and-bootstrap CoffeeScript, Ember, Ember data, Stylus and Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap (Stylus version), jQuery, Keyword, Ember Bootstrap and Auto Reload
Sassy Brunch with Ember and CoffeeSoup gh:tricinel/brunch-ember-sassy CoffeeScript, Sass, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, Twitter Bootstrap (Compass), jQuery
Brunch with Hampsters gh:wordofchristian/brunch-with-hampsters CoffeeScript, Stylus, Emblem.js Also useful for rapid prototyping. Includes html5 boilerplate, Modernizer, and Twitter Bootstrap.
Cinder Plate gh:edgycircle/cinder-plate CoffeeScript, SASS, Handlebars CoffeeScript, SASS, Handlebars template pre-compilation, production and development builds with appropriate Ember.js version (debug or production).
Cinder Brunch gh:jupl/cinder-brunch JavaScript, Handlebars, Stylus Pre-compiled Handlebars, proper builds for dev/prod, plus lots of goodies for development and testing. There's also a variant with Cordova.
Brunch on fire gh:abronte/brunch-on-fire CoffeeScript, SASS, Handlebars Straightforward ember bundle. Includes jQuery and tests are setup using mocha + chai.
Tapas with Ember gh:mutewinter/tapas-with-ember CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars, Ember Data, Ember Model A skeleton for rapid Ember development. Including automated Ember installation scripts, environment-specific JS builds, generators, and Ember.vim support.
Brunch with Ember and Express gh:denya133/brunch-with-ember-and-express CoffeeScript, Stylus, Handlebars, Ember, Ember Data, Express, Twitter Bootstrap (Stylus version), jQuery, Keyword, Ember Bootstrap and Auto Reload A skeleton for automate Ember and Express development in one HTML5 Boilerplate. Including automated Ember installation scripts, environment-specific JS builds, generators, and etc.
Smoldering Brunch gh:kellyjandrews/smoldering-brunch Javascript, Handlebars, Ember, Ember Data, EmberFire, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery A skeleton for smoking fast applications utilizing real-time data API Firebase.
Brunch to the Future gh:StrangeLooperStudio/brunch-to-the-future NPM: Es6 Modules, Javascript, JsHint, Handlebars, Less, Auto-reload. Bower packages: Ember, Bootstrap, Modernizr Basic Ember skeleton with Es6 Module support, using Bower for package management. Tutorial here.
Brunch With Expresso gh:eflexsystems/brunch-with-expresso jQuery, Ember.js, Lodash, Moment.js, Bootstrap, Emblem, Swag, Font-Awesome, Stylus, Express,, Mocha, Chai, Sinon An Ember skeleton with an Express.js backend. Also features a fork of the emblem-brunch plugin which allows the pod development style as described here.
Brunch With Riak and Ember gh:Pumpapa/brunch-with-riak-ember Riak, Webmachine, riak-erlang-client, jQuery, Ember.js, Lodash, Moment.js, Bootstrap, Emblem, Font-Awesome, Stylus, Express This is template with Ember front-end, a WebMachine Rest server which accesses Riak (persistence) through the riak-erlang-client.
Zippy Brunch gh:zipfworks/zippy-brunch Coffescript, Less, Emblem Zippy Brunch manages dependencies with Bower and includes Bootsrap 3's LESS code (so that you can edit variables.less.) Zippy Brunch contains a tiny Reddit client that demonstrates using Ember Model to talk to an API and testing an Ember app with Mocha, Sinon, and Chai.
Brunch with Spine and Sass gh:omarfouad/brunch-spine-sass CoffeeScript, SASS, jQuery and Spine Alternative to the Hem workflow with support for SASS files
Spine on Brunch gh:damiencaselli/spine-on-brunch CoffeeScript, CSS, Handlebars HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery
Spine.js with Bootstrap OR jQuery Mobile gh:markmarijnissen/spine-livescript-brunch-skeleton LiveScript, Less, Jade jQuery
optionally add Twitter Bootstrap (LESS code!) or jQuery Mobile using generators. Also includes an Android Eclipse project using PhoneGap!
Coffee purist brunch gh:cbosco/coffee-purist-brunch CoffeeScript, LESS, eco templates jQuery, Mocha. Tests run with no need to build into public/ directory or duplicate test/vendor libraries. For those who want to bundle libs specifically made for CoffeeScript.
Brunch with AngularJS gh:scotch/angular-brunch-seed Coffeescript, Less, Jade Twitter Bootstrap with themes, Testacular for unit tests
Day-drunk Brunch gh:konsumer/brunch-daydrunk Javascript, LESS Modular quick-start for AngularJS v1.2.16, express 4.4.1, Bootstrap 3, passport auth & more
Brunch On-the-go gh:konsumer/brunch-onthego Javascript, SASS Cordova ionic quickstart for super-slick, native-feeling, hybrid apps
Brunch with AngularJS in LiveScript gh:clkao/angular-brunch-seed-livescript LiveScript, Sass, Jade Twitter Bootstrap in Sass, LiveScript
Brunch with chicken and waffles gh:thomdixon/brunch-chicken-and-waffles CoffeeScript Angular, AngularUI, and Bootstrap 3
Brunch With Ketchup gh:Nami-Doc/brunch-with-ketchup LiveScript, Stylus, Jade Meant for large applications. Includes express-resource.
Brunch Facing True North gh:scoarescoare/angular-brunch-true-north Coffeescript, Compass, Sass, Jade, Initializr Built on the amazing Brunch with Angular skeleton with a few tweaks including: Compass, Bootstrap SASS, HTML5BP
Angular & Brunch - No fuss gh:ocombe/angular-brunch-seed-no-fuss Angular, SASS-Bootstrap 3 & Bourbon, Brunch with an Angular seed featuring SASS-Bootstrap 3. No ruby (using Node-SASS & Bourbon), no Jade, no Coffeescript. Unit tests with karma & e2e tests with protractor.
Brunch On Asteroids gh:exlee/brunch-on-asteroids Jade, Sass, CoffeeScript/LiveScript Brunch with Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 extended by Bootswatch themes, Angular.JS, optional LiveScript or CoffeeScript and some extra libraries preconfigured and included such as D3.js, AngularUI, jQuery UI.
Cinnamon Toast Brunch gh:Anaphase/cinnamon-toast-brunch CoffeeScript, Stylus, & SIML Never write a semicolon again! Cinnamon Toast Brunch focuses on concise and clean code.
Ultimate Omelette Brunch gh:aheuermann/Ultimate-Omelette-Brunch CoffeeScript, Less, Jade CoffeeScript, Less, Jade, Bootstrap (Flatly Theme), Angular UI-Bootstrap
Brunch with Angular-Express gh:clonn/angular-express Coffeescript, Stylus, Angular, Express HTML5 Boilerplate, Angular.js, Express
Fast and Pointed Brunch gh:tdumitrescu/fast-and-pointed-brunch Express, AngularJS, Coffeescript, Less, Jade Clean client-server architecture: AngularJS frontend with an Express backend serving only JSON APIs
Brunch with Edge Benedict gh:codevinsky/brunch-with-edge-benedict Coffeescript, Less, Jade Always kept up-to-date with the newest libraries: AngularJS 1.2.0-rc.3, Bootstrap 3, jQuery 2.0.3, Sling UI 0.2.3
Aang Brunch gh:jupl/aang-brunch JavaScript, HTML, Stylus, ngmin Pre-loaded templates in cache, ngmin preminification, plus lots of goodies for development and testing. There's also a variant with Cordova.
Node-Webkit Hipster Seed gh:Anonyfox/node-webkit-hipster-seed Node-Webkit, Grunt building, brunch-angular-seed (Jade, Less, Coffeescript, Angular, Bootstrap) Ready to Use Skeleton to build Desktop Applications with all the Web goodies of today.
"SCAB" Brunch gh:jakubburkiewicz/brunch-scab SASS, CoffeeScript, Angular, Bootstrap Additional elements: ngMin + UglifyJS and Clean CSS
Brunch with Dragons gh:smokku/brunch-with-dragons LESS, Jade, Bootstrap, FontAwesome, AngularJS, AngularUI, Bower, Brunch, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Protractor, LiveScript Frontend (API based) application with streamlined workflow explained by many examples.
Brunch with a Sassy Zigzag gh:borisschapira/brunch-with-a-sassy-zigzag AngularJS (route, directive, filter, template compilation), JSHint, Sass, Karma + Jasmine An angular setup with Sass
Brunch Materialistic and Arrogantular gh:row1/brunch-materialistic-arrogantular AngularJS, Angular Material, SASS, UI-Router AngularJS skeleton using Google Material Design and following John Papa's AngularJS style guide.
Brunch Knockout gh:julienaubert/brunch_knockout Knockout, JavaScript Code with knockout, autoreload in browser, Karma to autowatch your app-files and re-run tests with code-coverage. HTML5-Boilerplate. Up-to-date with latest brunch (as of 26th Feb 2014)
Brunch with React gh:ryansobol/brunch-with-react React, Babel Skeleton for creating a new brunch project with React.
Brunch Skeleton LARC gh:kursion/brunch-skeleton-larc LESS, Font-Awesome, CoffeeScript and ReactJS A skeleton for fast development with CoffeeScript and ReactJS mainly.
Brunch ThreeJS ES6 gh:Jeremboo/brunch-threejs-es6 ThreeJS, WAGNER, ES6, JavaScript Brunch skeleton for beginning a three.js project in ES6.
Brunch with Moby gh:connorblack/brunch-with-moby PhoneGap (Cordova), Lungo.js Simple skeleton optimized for PhoneGap and integrated with Lungo.js for sexy prototyping. Easily create native-like mobile apps!
Bare (no libs / frameworks)
Brunch-in-Snazzy-Underpants gh:noahdecoco/brunch-in-snazzy-underpants Based on dead-simple, this skeleton has 'just a bit' more than the bare minimum to comfortably start a single page site. Includes Bootstrap, Stylus, jQuery, Coffee and GSAP for easy animations.
Dead-simple brunch gh:brunch/dead-simple Dead-simple brunch skeleton. No opinions, just empty dirs and minimal configs.
Brunch with Whey Protein gh:dobromir-hristov/brunch-with-whey-protein SASS, Foundation This skeleton is based on the Foundation framework. It a basic website kick starter. Includes Foundation, SASS, jQuery, Bourbon.
Brunch with Express, Socket.IO, Jade gh:AmilKey/brunch-with-express-socketio CoffeeScript, Stylus, Express, Jade, Socket.IO, Scaffolt, Twitter Bootstrap (Stylus version), jQuery, Keyword and Auto Reload Simple skeleton without any frameworks on Express+Socket.IO+Jade+CoffeScript and scaffolt for express
Brunch Express gh:johdirr/brunch-express-skeleton JavaScript, Less, Handlebars, Express Super simple Brunch skeleton build on a Express server.
Brunch with bare livescript gh:gkz/brunch-bare-livescript LiveScript, Less Extremely simple skeleton without any frameworks
Brunch with brunch gh:monokrome/brunch-with-brunch As minimal as possible for building your own toolchain on top of.
Brunch for libs gh:monokrome/brunch-for-libs A super minimal brunch configuration for building Javascript libraries on top of.
Cordova Brunch gh:jupl/cordova-brunch Bare skeleton that includes support for building apps using Apache Cordova.
Brunch with Wisp gh:sandy98/brunch-with-wisp Wisp Tiny skeleton meant to be a proof of concept for the use of Wisp, the Clojure-like Lisp dialect with Brunch.
Brunch with CoffeeScript, Jade, Less, Bower gh:GulinSS/brunch-bower-site CoffeeScript, Jade, Less, Bower Minimal skeleton for modern Client-Side development based on stack.
Brunch with Jade and Stylus gh:TessaHarmon/brunch-jade-stylus Jade, Stylus Minimal skeleton based on brunch-with-brunch for jade/stylus lovers.
Brunch with Jade, Stylus and CoffeeScript gh:KATT/brunch-jade-stylus-coffee Jade, Stylus, CoffeeScript Bare-bones skeleton based on brunch-jade-stylus with CoffeeScript added.
Brunch with mocha gh:uxnow/brunch-with-mocha Mocha, Chai, Sinon, CoffeeScript simplify package development for browser, with mocha, chai, sinon, coffeescript and more.
Brunch angular black gh:elishacook/brunch-angular-black AngularJS (route, template compilation), Stylus, JSHint, Karma + Jasmine A simple angular setup for large projects
Brunch on a diet gh:adrianleb/brunch-on-a-diet Coffeescript, Stylus and less opinionated compiled js Bare-bone skeleton for any size project with default coffeescript wrapper on compiled js.
Brunch with Steak gh:oddpixel/brunch-steak JavaScript, LESS Bootstrap 3, jQuery, LESS
Brunch with Skirt Steak gh:djKianoosh/brunch-skirt-steak JavaScript, LESS, Bootstrap 3, Lodash Bootstrap 3, jQuery, LESS, Lodash
Brunch with Buttered Koken gh:oddpixel/brunch-buttered-koken JavaScript, LESS A skeleton for Koken plugin development.
Brunch Material Angular gh:kazelsama/brunch-material-angular Angular, Compass, SCSS, jQuery A small skeleton for webapps, build with Material Angular.
Brunch with Sass Typogrid gh:dommmel/brunch-with-sass-typogrid SASS HTML Skeleton with sassy typography and responsive grid using susy, modular-scale, breakpoint.
Brunch with Bootstrap 4 gh:bassjobsen/brunch-bootstrap4 Bootstrap 4 HTML Skeleton with Bootstrap 4.
Brunch with Foundation 6 gh:bassjobsen/brunch-foundation6 Foundation 6 HTML Skeleton with Foundation 6.
Gotham gh:gotham/framework Gotham, Coffeescript, Eco templates A simple coffeescript framework built on the top of brunch.
Kickstart Brunch gh:junior-ales/kickstart-brunch JavaScript, SASS, Eslint, Jasmine A simple framework with a directory structure with bare minimum to kickstart your JS project with some best practices in place.
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