DEPRECATED. Fusion is a tool to merge multiple JavaScript templates into one namespaced template object. It also contains a watch mode to check for changes in the source directory.
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Fusion is a simple tool to merge multiple JavaScript templates (mustache, handlebars, jquery-tmpl, …) into one namespaced template object. It also allows you to define your own precompiling functions.

What is fusion good for?

You might have noticed that using script tags to manage your JavaScript templates can become quite a mess if you have a bunch of them. It's a good idea to split them into several files. Fusion helps you bring them back together in one neatly organized namespace.

For example if you have a directory structure like


fusion would compile it to

  window.templates = {};
  window.templates.home = '<content of home.html>';
  window.templates.notes = {};
  window.templates.notes.overview = '<content of overview.html>';
  window.templates.notes.detail = '<content of detail.html>';

camel case Fusion generates camel case namespaces. So if you have


it will generate



npm install fusion

How to use


You can run the script to compile templates via

fusion [options] [<directory>]

Optional use --watch to watch changes in the given directory. You don't need to set a directory. You can leave it out and use the one from settings or even fusion's default which is 'templates'.

Basically you are able to change these settings:

set output path of templates

--output [FILE]

set export namespace

--namespace [VALUE]

set extension of template files which should be merged

--templateExtension [VALUE]

set path of settings file

--config [FILE]

set path of the hook file

--hook [FILE]


fusion --watch --config fusion_settings.yaml

Settings file

All options except --watch and --config can be set in the settings file. Unless --config is defined the script will search for "settings.yaml" in the current directory.

Possible settings are

  • namespace
  • templateExtension
  • input
  • output
  • hook

Hooks file

The hooks file provides a way to overwrite all public methods of fusion. Probably the most common case will be to overwrite the compileTemplate method.


For example to use eco's precompiling for our templates we can create a file fusion_hooks.js which contains something like this

var eco = require('eco');
var fusion = require('fusion');
exports.createTemplateObject = function(content, source, directoryPrefix) {
  return eco.compile(content, { identifier: fusion.templateNamespace(source, directoryPrefix)});

Thats all you need to add proper precompiling to your templates.

Hint: Eco 1.0.2 yet doesn't provide options for compile, please use a master checkout

Default Settings

  • settings file: "settings.yaml"
  • namespace: "window"
  • template extension: "html"
  • input directory: "templates"
  • output file: "templates.js"
  • hook file: "fusion_hooks.js"


For more flexability you can require fusion and run it by your own without the command-line interface.

var fusion = require('fusion');
var settings;
settings = fusion.loadSettingsFromFile('settings.yaml');
settings = fusion.loadDefaultSettings(settings); = true;;


You can see it running by switching to demo folder and run it with watch option. You can change anything in the templates, refresh the index.html and see the new content.

cd demo/simple
./../../bin/fusion --watch



Feel free to make a pull request or contact me on Twitter @nikgraf.

To compile src files to lib use

cake watch


cake test


It was inspired by Jammit's templating functionality. Since Jammit doesn't offer file watching via command-line, it's a bit hard to use for development if you are not on a RubyOnRails stack.

Special Thanks to the CoffeeScript Team. We were able to re-use some parts like the optparser.


  • add cake to rerender all the the demos
  • watch somehow does not work with Textmate - any pointers?
  • output file - mkdirs or warn if directory doesn't exist
  • replace optparser (mabey nomnom?)
  • add github page
  • improve regex in createTemplateObject to work with dotfiles and add option to ignoreDotFiles - tmp and swp files can cause troubles