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A bash script to search and install extensions from
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GNOME Shell Extension Installer

A bash script to install and search extensions from



Usage: gnome-shell-extension-installer EXTENSION_ID [EXTENSION_ID...] [GNOME_VERSION] [OPTIONS]

  -s or --search [STRING] Interactive search.
  --yes                   Skip all prompts.
  --no-install            Saves the extension(s) in the current directory.
  --update                Check for new versions.
  --restart-shell         Restart GNOME Shell after the extensions are installed.
  -h or --help            Print this message.

Usage examples:
  gnome-shell-extension-installer 307               # Install "Dash to Dock"
  gnome-shell-extension-installer 307 3.8           # Install for Shell 3.8
  gnome-shell-extension-installer 53 --no-install   # Download "Pomodoro"
  gnome-shell-extension-installer -s "User Themes"  # Search "User Themes"

By default extensions are installed in $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/, except if the script is run with super user permission (then, it will be installed in /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions/).


Manual installation


  • bash
  • curl
  • dbus
  • perl
  • git (optional)
  • less (optional)
$ wget -O gnome-shell-extension-installer ""
$ chmod +x gnome-shell-extension-installer
$ mv gnome-shell-extension-installer /usr/bin/

Arch Linux

Available in the AUR as gnome-shell-extension-installer.

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