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Pinboard - a Pinterest like application
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Pin Board - a clone of the famous Pinterest

This app was created under the tutorial 12 web apps in 12 weeks by Mackenzie Child (@mackenziechild). This is the number 4 of the series but I'm not doing in exact order, I choose according with my curiosity and needs.

Project Planning

  • It will have pins images
  • Title and description
  • Voting
  • Users have to be signed to be able:
    • submit a new pin
    • vote
    • as well as edit and delete a pin
  • Page is responsive

What have I learned:

Even though I discovered how to implement a picture uploader by Googling and using Carrierwave gem when I created my own blog, I wanted to see how Mackenzie Child would do his. So in this case he used paperclip which seems a bit simpler than the Carrierwave. Also in this project, I've learned how to use masonry-rails which is a quite helpful gem to apply transitions and other jquery functions. Creating an app is not difficult. It requitres a series of actions that once you get it, everything becomes clearer.

To add a feature:

  1. Create a git branch named that feature
  2. Add the gem or generate any models needed for the feature
  3. Read the documentation of the gem and/or update the database
  4. Generate any controllers needed
  5. Add in your URLs
  6. Fill in your models
  7. Fill in your controllers and views
  8. Finish feature, save and merge with master branch
  9. Think of new feature and start from step 1 again

I'm trying to learn best practices now.

The tutorial video

Jobs board

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