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Getting and Cleaning Data course is part of Data Science Specialization offered by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera
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Getting and Cleaning Data Project

Bruno G. Tavares

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the process of collecting, working with, and cleaning a data set for analysis.

This project should contain:

  1. tidy data set



  4. R script

The script 'run_analysis.R' does the following:

  1. Merges the training and the test sets to create one data set.

  2. Extracts only the measurements on the mean and standard deviation for each measurement.

  3. Uses descriptive activity names to name the activities in the data set

  4. Appropriately labels the data set with descriptive variable names.

  5. From the data set in step 4, creates a second, independent tidy data set with the average of each variable for each activity and each subject.

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