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A RPG where Dwarves use their Axe to fight and everything else is Not Axe

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Axe / Not Axe

This is a Role Playing Game.

In this game, all the Playing characters are Dwarves.

And they all have an Axe. They use it to hit things or people.

For everything else, they don't use their Axe.

Note: this game is available in both French and English



  • Lasers & Feelings, by John Harper (just one score, if you're good at something, you're bad for the opposite),
  • "I hit it with my axe", by Brian Engard, included in the Rough cuts collection. Just Axe and Not Axe as scores. But the game mechanics didn't fit my needs, to I've tried to build around the concept of having Dwarf-only RPG.
  • Dungeon world


Game License

To the extent possible under law, Bruno Bord (that's me) has dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this game, Axe / Not Axe to the public domain worldwide.

For more information, browse the Public Domain pages on the Creative Commons site.