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by Chris Perry Wolf

2 Classes: Aventurer & Arcanist
Attacks & Saves on a D20, everything else X-in-6 and talking.

Core Stats, rated from +0 to +3
Strength (Melee attack, +HP)
Dexterity (Ranged attack, +AC)
Intelligence (Bonus skill Points at 1st lvl)
Charisma (Reactions, Max Retainers, Retainer Morale)

d6 Skills:
All Start at 1-in-6, add skill points.
Warrior, Burglar, Ranger, Healer, Scholar

Character Creation:
Roll 3d4, increase corresponding stat by 1[^1]
Base Attack Bonus is Warrior skill, AC is Armor + Dex, HP is 1d8 + Str
Save is 15, goes down each level.

Adventurer: 3 skill points at lvl 1. +1 every level.
Arcanist: 1 skill at lvl 1, +1 every odd level. Casts Spells


Additional rule for ability scores, by wereoctopus

if no d4s are available, ability score generation could be:

1-4: increase appropriate stat
5: player to the left chooses for you, comes up with a story about how you used the chosen stat to get them out of a scrape.
6: same, except it's player to the right


[^1]: Note by Bruno Bord: this rule is a bit hard to understand. it simply means that you have 4 attributes, that you can enumerate as 1=Strength, 2=Dexterity, 3=Intelligence, 4=Charisma. Rolling 1, 4 & 2 would mean +1 to STR, DEX & CHA. Rolling 1, 1, 2 would mean +2 to STR & +1 to DEX.

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