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Relax is a Free (as in speech and beer) clone of Noisli.

To use it, you have several options:

  • Go to the associated Github page for this project.
  • put these files and static resources somewhere on a web server. It can be local or remote.

Browse the single index.html page using a modern browser.


  • A markdown text-editor with syntax highlighting, preview, and a minimalistic styling toolbar,
  • The text is autosaved every 500ms and stored in the localStorage container,
  • You have many sounds available if you want to build a cool ambiance while you're writing (fireplace, wind in the leaves, seashore...),
  • Store and load files using the localStorage database,
  • Download the markdown file to your disk using the download icon.

Missing features

(a.k.a. TODOs)

  • You can't adjust the sound level on the interface. The volume is set in the code. You can change it manually by editing the volume percentage in the source code and reload the page.
  • Should I put some LESS for the CSS customization? I'm not sure. Maybe. Help me out if you can.

Hacking on features

If you want to be able to produce the uglified/minified sources, you'll have to install the required dependencies like this:

npm install

The Makefile allows you to minify the js and the css files, using the following command:

make minify

Or you may chose to minify the JS or the CSS files:

make minify_js
make minify_css

Why this project?

Let me be as clear as possible: Noisli is an absolutely great concept, and it's carefully designed and suits many people's needs. But a few things were annoying me in Noisli:

  • You can only have one document handled by the editor, no "save for later use",
  • No syntax highlighting,
  • What's the point in the smoothly-changing background color? At some point, it's unreadable and unusable (white on yellow, really?),
  • White noise? Pink noise? Brown noise? Really?
  • Preview view is not different enough from the editor for my tastes. I needed a "closer-to-the-html" preview (sans-serif fonts, for example).
  • You can't use it if you're not connected to the Internet. If only I could have a copy of Noisli for local / offline use, that'd be great.

All these (minor) glitches have led me to grab my favorite text editor and build my custom clone of Noisli.

Note on privacy

The edited text in this interface is stored on your localStorage database.

You can check the source code, nothing is stored on the server. I will never EVER read your documents. It's all yours.

It also means this content is associated to the "domain name" you're on (whether it is github pages, your local static HTTP server, your own remote web server, etc) AND your web browser.

If you switch from a machine to another or if you swap from Firefox to Chrome or vice-versa, your content won't show up. And even if you're on the same machine/browser and use a different URL to access this interface, your localStorage database will be different. Use the "download" feature to safely copy your content from a machine to another and sync it your way if you intend to transfer it on another pair (URL / client).


This project uses:


All these sounds were suggested by Jean-Michel Armand.

Apart from that, the rest of the code (HTML/CSS/JS) is mine and is published under the terms of the WTFPL.