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JavaFX Starter Project with Gradle and Jlink (Java 11+)

This is a starter project to help Java developers get started with building cross-platform graphical applications using JavaFX and Java 11 modules.

Simply clone this project and start coding. Adjust parameters like project name, package name and so on.

Build Status

Building and running

You will need OpenJDK 11 (or newer).

./gradlew dist run

Adding modules and dependencies

You can add modules and dependencies using Gradle. Here's an example with icon packs from Ikonli project, by Andres Almiray.

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Add ikonli-javafx and an icon pack as dependencies.

    repositories {
    dependencies {
         implementation 'org.kordamp.ikonli:ikonli-javafx:11.1.0'
         implementation 'org.kordamp.ikonli:ikonli-fontawesome-pack:11.1.0'
  3. Modify to require ikonli modules.

    module fxapp {
        // add icon pack modules
        requires org.kordamp.iconli.core;
        requires org.kordamp.ikonli.javafx;
        requires org.kordamp.ikonli.fontawesome;
  4. Invoke the dist target.

  5. Run the generated image.

Distribution images

Once you run gradle dist, a ZIP file with a specific, optimized JVM for your local platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) will be generated inside build/distributions.

CI/CD for Windows, Mac, and Linux

This project comes with an Azure Pipelines setup. It is ready to produce binaries for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Visit the service to set up your account, and integrate with GitHub.

Looking for a Maven archetype ?

Check the maven-javafx-archetype project. No jlink support.


The project is licensed under Apache License. See LICENSE file for the full license.


A JavaFX starter project with Gradle and jlink support







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