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This page contains information on ideas about what we could do next for this application.

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Doom 3D ASCII Animation Screensaver

To create a Doom look alike 3D animation in ASCII to be shown on terminal. This is trickier, because the rendering dimensions (width, height) can vary, making it difficult to draw the graphics on the fly for each frame of the animation... it is challenging!

Idea by: Scott Martens

Keyboard events

For example, to allow the app to run in background and start the foreground if idle for N minutes. Then, it would be back by any keyboard action. This would make this application a true screensaver for terminals. I believe, however, this should be "optional", as most penguins out there would complain over unnecessary use of computer resources.


Just support to many languages to help spread the word!

Status: Work in progress. Already working, but having trouble for MO file installation.

Windows Support

Python is cross-platform, but there are tricks to make this work in the rudimentary DOS screen. Most of the controls for the terminal are already compatible, but there is work to finalize a compiled version of the application (maybe using py2exe).

Status: Works if you execute from the code directly (remember to have python under the PATH)