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This is a reference guide for developers who want to contribute to this application.

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I want to help? What next?

Create a ticket in this repository's Issues, fork your code, and commit your changes referencing the ticket in the commit message. This will help heaps once we merge your code in the master branch.

Feel free to contact me at any time to discuss details of your suggestions, before you publicly commit to your fork.

Creating a screensaver

The simplest example of how to implementing one screen (without reverse engineering the whole code yourself) is to look at:

The code is a bit long because it includes the documentation to guide new comers to my "way of thinking".

Any help or ideas beyond that, just drop me a line to my email.

Creating a plugin

The concept of the plugins was initially thought of being a necessity where termsaver needs to be multi-platform, and certain features only available to specific platforms could be also created. Additionally, we tried to avoid creating too many dependencies, which then increases the chances for OS incompatibilities.

View a plugin example project at: termsaver-figlet

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