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A BPM standart implementation using GemStone/S®, Orbeon®, Bizagi® and Highcharts®
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Build Status BPM Flow

An Open Source implementation of BPM standart using GemStone/S, Orbeon, Bizagi and Highcharts.

Backoffice Application BpmFlow

Frontoffice Application BpmFlow

Business Intelligence Application BpmFlow

The manuals of the Backoffice and Frontoffice Applications can be found here:

BPM packages for GemStone/S ® implements the BPM standart. Each BPM model is created in Bizagi Modeler ® and then exported as XPDL file.
The XPDL file is imported in the BPM Meta Model Execution Engine and it can be instantiated and executed inside GemStone/S.
The BPM application can interact with other systems like Orbeon ® or use Seaside components.
Inside Bizagi Modeler if a task has the extended attribute -seasideComponent- then is a Seaside task if not then is an Orbeon form.
The execution engine will show a Seaside component or an Orbeon form depending on the task's definition in the Bizagi Modeler.

Orbeon is an optional application that interact with the BPM application (can be used or not).

To install GemStone/S:

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