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Grails Thumbnail Plugin
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Grails Thumbnail Plugin


The purpose of this plugin is to ease the manipulation of images in grails applications and also to ease the generation of thumbnails.


To install this game clone this project on your local filesystem:

git clone

Grails versions 2.x does not allow the installation of local zipped plugins anymore, so you do have to perform the following commands inside the thumbnail plugin directory:

grails package-plugin
grails maven-install

After that, the plugins will be installed on your local maven repository and thus accessible to all your Grails applications.


  1. To use this plugin into you application you first have to open the grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy file and uncomment the mavenLocal() line;
  2. This plugin creates a new datatype bgc.thumbnail.Thumbnail you may use it whenever you want a picture on your domain classes;
  3. The thumbnail plugin overrides the default scaffolding templates, so it will handle correctly the uploading and display of bgc.thumbnail.Thumbnail fields.


  1. Create a project:

    grails create-app thumbsample
  2. Enter the created application directory:

    cd thumbsample
  3. Edit the grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy and uncomment the mavenLocal() line (probably it is the 27 line);

  4. Install the Burning Image plugin:

    grails install-plugin burning-image
  5. Install the thumbnail plugin:

    grails install-plugin thumbnail
  6. Create a domain class:

    grails create-domain-class Person
  7. Edit the generated domain class grails-app/domain/thumbsample/Person.groovy:

    package thumbsample
    import bgc.thumbnail.Thumbnail
    class Person {
        String name
        Thumbnail picture
        static constraints = {
            name(blank: false)
            picture(blank: false)
  8. Create a controller for the Person domain class:

    grails create-controller Person
  9. Edit the generated controller grails-app/controller/thumbsample/PersonController.groovy:

    package thumbsample
    class PersonController {
        def scaffold = true
  10. Run the project:

    grails run-app
  11. Enjoy it ! (open the http://localhost:8080/thumbsample/person URL on your browser)

    Open the generated views, create a new person, updated it and see the listing.


The thumbnail plugin includes a single tablib <g:thumbnail> with the following attributes:

  • id (mandatory): The id of the thumbnail attribute;
  • width (optional): The width you want your thumbnail to be displayed;
  • height (optional): The height you want your thumbnail to be displayed;
  • class (optional): The css class to be applied on the generated html img tag.


<g:thumbnail id="${}" width="50" height="50"/>


Create Person Screen:

Create Person Screen

Show Person Screen:

Show Person Screen

Edit Person Screen:

Edit Person Screen

Person List Screen:

Person List Screen

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