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This is a handmade list with the best resources, guides and tools for Front-end Developers.

Please, don't be shy: any change or improves are welcome.

What is front-end development?

Front-end or client-side development is a relatively obscure Internet discipline. Historically, this role has been known under several aliases, htmler, web designer, coder, frontender and so on, but its core functions remain the same while expanding with the progress of the Internet. It is a hinge role that requires both aesthetic sensitivity and programmatic rigor. To many people, client-side development might be perceived as 'making things pretty' and, while it is a valid comment since we do make things look good, as good-looking things sell better, there are many other technologies that fall within this field that might be usually overlooked. Source: The Guardian

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Best Practices





  • JS Wiki Libraries and resources available for JavaScript.
  • JS Territory Find all the most useful Javascript tools and libraries.
  • JS Game Wiki A collection of good links for gaming with javascript
  • Micro JS Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit!
  • JS Pkg JavaScript package host



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