Yii2 extension for use MongoDb and Doctrine
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Yii2 extension for using MongoDB and Doctrine

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This component was created with the purpose of allowing us to use all benefits of the Doctrine in Yii2 using the MongoDB ODM version. There are others solutions which use MongoDB and the active record pattern from Yii, but the vast Doctrine documentation and its better way to deal with embedded documents made its case.


Require the library with Composer:

composer require brunohulk/yii2-mongodb-doctrine

Then, to activate the component, you have to add the follow entry inside the web.php file replacing the default database params by your customise data:

'doctrineOdm' => [
    'class' => 'brunohulk\Yii2MongodbOdm\DoctrineODM',
    'dsn' => 'mongodb://mongodb:27017', #DSN string connection
    'dbname' => 'database_name'  #Database name,
    'documentsDir' => __DIR__ . '/../../documents/', # Directory which stores your mapped collections
    'runtimeDir' =>  __DIR__ . '/../../runtime/' # The Yii2 runtime dir or other directory to store the Doctrine extra files


To start using the Document manager all you have to do is call the method below in any place you desire, like a controller:

class User extends Controller
    private $documentManager;

    public function init()
        $this->documentManager = Yii::$app->doctrineOdm->getDocumentManager();

    public function actionCreate()
        $user = new User;
        $user->name = "Bruno";



For the last step, is necessary to create a documents folder within the common directory in your Yii project, all the documents mapped must be there, the following example is related to previous doc block.

 * @ODM\Document(collection="user")
class User
     * @ODM\Id
    public $id;

     * @ODM\Field(name="name", type="string")
    public $name;


Special thanks for David Rocha