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Blog cover - welcome to my digital garden

Install dependencies

This blog is built with Jekyll, a Ruby based static site generator.
Make sure you have Ruby 2.6 installed and run the following commands:

# If bundler is not there yet, execute:
$ gem install bundler
# Now install all dependencies
$ bundle install

Development and Running locally

Once you have all dependencies installed, you can run the local development server with:

# That should kickstart the local dev server
# and make the site available on port 4000 by default for you
jekyll server
# This command should generate an output like this:
Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/the/repo/path/here'
  Server address:
  Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.

Now with Github Actions 🎉

All commits to master will trigger the deploy workflow and will generate the static files and deploy automatically to the gh-pages branch.