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Code sharing between iOS, Android & Web using monorepo
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React Native [Web] + Monorepo

100% code sharing between Web, iOS and Android

This is the source code from this tutorial.


How to run

Requirements: React Native (last tested on react-native@0.61)

  • $ git clone
  • $ cd react-native-web-monorepo
  • $ yarn
  • $ cd packages/mobile/ios
  • $ pod install
  • $ cd -
  • $ yarn workspace web start
  • $ yarn workspace mobile start
  • Run the project
    • [iOS] Via Xcode
      • yarn xcode (open the project on Xcode)
      • Press the Run button
    • [Android] Via Android Studio
      • yarn studio (open the project on Android Studio)
      • Press the Run button
    • Via CLI
      • You may need to launch your device emulator before the next command
      • $ yarn android or $ yarn ios


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Who is using this on production

Check out DevHub. The main difference is that it supports Desktop (Electron) in addition to Web, iOS and Android.

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